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Buying a dog bed or Hundebett for your dog may be something you think you can avoid doing. After all, you allow him to sleep in your bed where he is always comfortable and relaxed.

In fact, allowing a dog to sleep in your bed is not a very good idea. There are, however, many advantages to buying a dog bed for him. Here are just some of them.

Dogs need a place of their own -- Even if your dog appears to be relaxed and happy when he is sleeping in your bed, like most dogs he will still prefer to have his own dog bed. This is because, like humans, dogs also need to feel like they have a place that is theirs and theirs alone. It makes them feel more secure and happier.

No feces on your sheets -- As most dogs spend a lot of time outside, they end up tracking all kinds of things inside that they probably should not. Things like feces, dirt, mud, ticks, fleas and all kinds of other nasty things that come into your home on their paws.

Buy your dog a dog bed, however, and at least none of those things will end up on your sheets. Instead, they will be kept in your dog's bed along with him.

Improve his separation anxiety -- Due to its nature, many dog owners mistakenly believe allowing their dog to sleep with them or to lie on the sofa improves their separation anxiety. In most cases, it does not. It makes it worse.

This is because your dog gets so used to being on your bed or sofa with you, when you are not there he panics. Get him a dog bed, however, and he will know that is his place and it is a safe and comfortable place when you are not home.

Your status with your dog is weakened -- Interestingly, dogs look at themselves as being part of a pack when they join a new family. In a pack, however, there is a distinct hierarchy with any owner usually being at the top.

If you allow your dog to sleep with you, and not in his own dog bed, this often weakens your status in his eyes. This is due to you becoming just one of the dogs instead of the main pack leader.

Get him a new dog bed, however, and he will realize quickly that you are the boss, and he is the one that should stay in his place.

Protecting your bedspread, pillows and sheets -- Sheets, pillows and comforters are expensive. That is why you do not want your dog to sleep with you as, if you make him sleep in his own dog bed, you will not have to worry about your sheets being chewed, urinated on or destroyed.

If you want your dog to still feel comfortable, even with a dog bed, why not just put the bed in your bedroom? He can still sleep with you then, just in his own space.